List Your Home With Confidence

Invest in a pre-listing home inspection in East Alabama, West Georgia or the Chattahoochee Valley

Are you getting ready to list your home in East Alabama, West Georgia or the Chattahoochee Valley? Don't put out the "For Sale" sign until you've had a pre-listing home inspection. You might think you know your home's value, but you could be mistaken.

As an experienced local home inspector, The Home Inspection Squad will give you total confidence in your asking price. Most homebuyers have their own inspections done. By scheduling a pre-listing home inspection, you'll be one step ahead and have a chance to make property repairs if needed.

Contact us today to speak with a local home inspector in East Alabama, West Georgia or the Chattahoochee Valley.

The price is right

When you hire The Home Inspection Squad as your local home inspector, you'll benefit from a smoother home sale process. An inspection will:

  • Alleviate stress about hidden damage
  • Help you determine the right asking price
  • Give potential buyers confidence
  • Speed up the home sale process
  • Make things easier for your realtor

Don't let your home sale stress you out. Call The Home Inspection Squad now to schedule a pre-listing home inspection in East Alabama or West Georgia

Don't underestimate your home's value

If you're getting ready to sell your home, you'll want to call a home inspector in East Alabama or West Georgia for a pre-listing inspection. If you're not sure about the true value of your home, a home inspection will help confirm its worth.

A pre-listing inspection will also give you the opportunity to make repairs before you put your home on the market. Our home inspections include an examination of your homes:

  • Roof and exterior features
  • Attic, chimney and fireplace
  • Electrical and HVAC system

We'll provide you with a detailed written report along with photos from the inspection and our recommended actions.

Get the most out of your home sale. Call The Home Inspection Squad, LLC today to schedule a home inspection in the East Alabama or West Georgia.