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Don't Buy a House Without an Inspection

Hire a home inspection company in Phenix City, AL & the Surrounding Areas

While you may be excited about your future home in Phenix City, AL or the surrounding areas, you shouldn't close the deal until you've had a home inspection performed by a state licensed and certified professional. Inspectors don’t just look at a house, look at the disclosures, and verify them. Home inspection is a whole different undertaking altogether. A home inspection has to cover the safety of the structure, plumbing, HVAC, roofing, electrical systems, site conditions, and other specifics of the home and property.

Have confidence in your home purchase. Find a licensed home inspector in Phenix City, AL or the Surrounding Areas.

Determine your home's true value

When searching for a home inspection company in Phenix City, AL or the Surrounding Areas, look no further than The Home Inspection Squad. We've inspected numerous homes for buyers and sellers and will make sure nothing is overlooked.

When you hire a home inspector for a pre-listing home inspection, you'll get a clearer idea of your home's worth and can determine the appropriate asking price. You'll also be able to make any needed repairs before your home goes on the market.

Contact us today to schedule home inspection services in Phenix City, AL or the surrounding areas.

Learn more about our inspection services

Whether you're getting ready to purchase a home or you want to sell your house in Phenix City, AL or the surrounding areas, you can count on The Home Inspection Squad for a thorough inspection.

You can rely on our home inspection company for:


A swimming pool inspection


An HVAC and plumbing inspection


A mobile home inspection


An electrical inspection


A yearly general inspection


Roof and chimney inspections

We'll inspect the attic and even check the soundness of the foundation. You can rest assured that nothing will be overlooked during your home inspection in Phenix City, AL and the surrounding areas.

Uncover hidden property damage with a detailed home inspection. Call now to speak with an experienced home inspector.